Burning Hatred
Conception Signup Sheet

A scenario for the Burning Wheel Roleplaying System

History is written by the victors.

And through the ages it is the Elf who has been victorious over the Orc. The history of the world as written by the Elves tells stories of their good grace and immortality. These histories also say that Elves who grow weary of the grief of this world travel into the West on boats of virgin ash.

They lie.

The Battle of Five Armies is over.

The corpses of Elf, Dwarf, Man, Orc, and Wolf lie piled high in mountains of rotting flesh and broken starmetal armour. Four black-hearted bastards - an Orc, a Troll, a Goblin, and an Ogre - are all that move about the battlefield, scavenging loot from the dead.

The Orc armies were assaulting the City of Freeport, which lies some seven leagues east across the Sea of Broken Teeth. Each of these black-hearted bastards has some business in Freeport, and none of it good.


At the start of play none of the characters have names.

Players who do cool shit are rewarded with an appropriate name for their character. The reward is given consensually by the table, and the name must be appropriate to the awesome that the player has delivered in actual play. It's one of the drivers of play, so writing engaging Beliefs is obviously central to this.

The Nothing Orc

Concept: A right black-hearted Orc bastard
Character Name: Nothing
Brief Description: A badass motherfucker who will carve a Name for himself. (High Martial and Command skills.)

The Nothing Troll

Concept: Troll Judge
Character Name: Nothing
Brief Description: A massive and hideous Troll with a surprising gift for words. (High Social skills such as Persuasion, Falsehood, and Soothing Platitudes.)

The Nothing Goblin

Concept: Goblin Merchant
Character Name: Nothing
Brief Description: A cunning little shit with friends and enemies everywhere. (High Circles rating.)

The Nothing Ogre

Concept: Ogre Mage
Character Name: Nothing
Brief Description: A genius Ogre who will enact the Final Solution to the problem of the Elves. (High Hatred and Blasphemous Magic.)


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